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We are connected through memories: food!

When It comes to indians food plays a huge part in their lives. We have memories since childhood to relate with some or the other food Item. So doesn't matter where we are Indians have opened Indian restaurants all over.

After all we can't live without �maa ke hath ka khana�, that's we not only have many indian restaurants in California as whole but have many indian restaurants in San Jose or even say Santa Clara has developed some fine indian dining now.

Not only Indian restaurants but almost every city in the United States has at least one Indian store serving needs of the Indian sub continental population and not letting them miss on home food and where delicacies are thought of Indian restaurants are there to help you enjoy a Indian feat whenever you want.

there are many mountain view indian restaurants too, helping you make your evenings memorable and not letting any bad thoughts come your way.

Indian stores usually sell hosts of Indian spices, canned Indian food products, some groceries, including pulses & other ready to eat vegetables and even parathas.

Bawarchi: Indian restaurant in santa clara

Bawarchi is an authentic south indian restaurant serving some amazing food cooked truly home style. They serve everything from the south indian health food like steam idlis which are really healthy for eating as they are steamed and are made of rice ao can be eaten as a staple diet.

Though there are many indian restaurants in San Jose and even many in Santa clara Bawarchi stands to hold a good market in the community in santa clara. Indian are fuzzy about their taste and therefore it is very difficult to convince an indian that the food is truly authentic as they will always tend to compare the food they eat at home or want their mom or grandma made to that of the Indian restaurant they are going to for their meals.

Till good south indian restaurants in Santa Clara are considered Bawarchi has a good name.

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