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India on a Platter: Indian Restaurants in San Jose

Whenever one talks about Indians, food is the first thing that comes in one�s mind. Then how can there be any place in the world where there are indians and no Indian restaurants. Staple foods of Indian cuisine mainly include pearl millet , rice, whole-wheat flour, and a variety of lentils, especially red lentils, pigeon pea, black gram, and moong . Lentils make the protein intake high in the vegetarians who do not get their protein from meat.

Split lentils, or dal, are used extensively, Some pulses, such as chickpea, kidney beans, are very common, especially in the northern regions. There are many Indian restaurants in San Jose. As I said previously wherever there are Indian there has to be Indian Restaurants.

There are so many different varieties in all the ingredients used to cook from oil like, Many Indian dishes are cooked in vegetable oil, peanut oil is popular in northern and western India ; mustard oil is more commonly used in eastern India; While coconut oil is used widely along the western coast, especially in Kerala; while sesame oil is common in the south as it imparts a fragrant nutty aroma to food.

Butter-based ghee, or desi ghee, is used frequently, though less than in the past. It is mostly used to Make sweets the traditional way.

A Spoonful of million flavors: Bawarchi- Indian restaurant in Santa Clara

Bawarchi is a Indian restaurant situated in the Silicon Valley suburbs of Santa Clara. It was started by a South Indian family with the passion to share their family recipes with all the dinners and make them feel at home.

There are many indian restaurants in San Jose as well as Santa Clara, but Bawarchi is known for its authentic taste, Along with the great family recipes offered at Bawarchi, You will be greeted with a warm welcome and instantly feel as cozy.

The warm welcome you received at the door will be continued throughout your stay because of our dedicated hospitality. It is one of the best south indian restaurants there in San Jose.

It delivers taste that makes you feel like you are back home in India. Bringing all the Flavours of Kerala on your plate in US.

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